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Mary Moran 30 years of Irish step dancing teaching

Mary Morran and NISD

on 34 years of teaching Irish Step Dancing

1990 - 2024

Welcome To The Nashville Irish Step Dancers

Better Known and Referred To As "NISD"


The Nashville Irish Step Dancers is the longest Irish established dance school in Nashville, TN and welcomes dancers of all ages at any level of experience 

Nashville Irish Step Dancers - 30 years of experience


34 Years

1990- 2024

School News
Nashville TN Irish Step Dancers
Now Accepting Students for Summer 2024

New classes starting. First trial class is FREE

If you or your child are interested in learning Irish Step Dancing

Please contact Mary Moran during business hours at

(615) 578.7368 or email her at

Celtic Rhythms On Fire 2024 Was A Huge Success

We would like to thank all our sponsors, dancers and their families, our staff and or course all the wonderful people who came to our shows

Thank You so much for another successful year

The Nashville Irish Step Dancers (NISD) is a dance school that has become a beacon for the Irish community in Nashville. NISD has cultivated the centuries-old passed down traditional Irish dance steps and has bridged the gap between today's progressive dance, by creating new innovative steps of their own. The dancers have fostered a deeper appreciation of Irish heritage through their many performances at area schools, nursing homes, churches and festivals. NISD provides a family environment in which students learn not only how to dance, but develop poise, grace, self-confidence and friendships with dancers of all ages. NISD will continue to “carry the Celtic torch” and preserve its Irish heritage and tradition in Nashville's multi-cultural society.


We are a “full-service” Irish dance school, offering the many aspects of Irish dance including all levels of competition, solo and team dancing, performances, learning the tradition of the Irish culture and having a great time. Our staff firmly believes that our families are the top priority. You choose the level of involvement that's right for you. Some students may want to simply learn a few traditional tunes or jig steps. Others may look forward to the thrill of stepping out on stage; be it a parish party or a sold-out theater. Still others may have aspirations of reaching championship level competition. Any and all are possible with the Nashville Irish Step Dancers. Regardless of the direction you choose, the ultimate goal is to provide the best instruction possible. We strive to instill a sense of belonging, direction, spirit, confidence and self-motivation in each and every child that enters our classroom.


If you would like to find our more about NISD please review our options below.


  1. Click here for our online registration form

  2. Click here to download our registration form in pdf format

  3. Come visit our facility during business hours and complete a form

  4. Call Mary Moran during business hours at (615) 578-7368 or email her at

Studio Space For Rent

Studio Sace Rental
Studio space fo rent Donelson TN

Shared studio space to sublet

2,000 square foot dance studio space available to sublet in Donelson Plaza

Available: Weekdays from 8 am until 5 pm, some weekday nights and weekends at a reasonable rate

Description: Open spaced floating wood spring dance floor (25'x20') , mirrored walls, separate lobby with amenities including a refrigerator and microwave

Use: Perfect for fitness classes, dance classes, birthday parties, private classes, meetings, or various workspace meets.

Address: 2720 Old Lebanaon Road, Suite 210B, Donelson TN 37214

Contact: Mary at 615.578.3768 or for more information about the space.

Nashville Irish Step Dancers Latest Facebook News
Facebook News
In Memory Of
Emily Suzanne Fondren 

Emily Suzanne Fondren died on March 11, 2014 from complications resulting from an operation for a brain tumor. 


Emily's passion was teaching, performing, and competing locally, nationally, and internationally as an Irish Step Dancer (made so popular by River Dance).  Emily will always have a special place in our heart at Nashville Irish Step Dancers. 

Emily Suzanne Fondren
Emily Suzanne Fondren
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